• Mobile Window Tinting Methods in New Iberia, Louisiana

Mobile Window Tinting Methods in New Iberia, Louisiana

Mobile window tinting in New Iberia, Louisiana can be a little bit pricey. Many car owners choose to tint their car windows for different reasons and purposes. Tinting your car window brings many benefits and advantages.

However, you may find the costs expensive. But did you know that there is a cheaper alternative for mobile car tint service in New Iberia, Louisiana? The whole process may be a difficult task for you since you are a beginner, but this can guarantee you a low-cost process.  Check out these easy steps in tinting your window:

  1. Check availability of your materials – You can buy a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Window tinting kit, but you will need other materials such as window cleaning solution, squeegee, spray bottle and other items needed during the whole process for mobile window tinting near me in New Iberia, Louisiana.
  2. Find out about the car tinting regulations in your place – Most places have laws and regulations regarding mobile car tinting near me in New Iberia, Louisiana. As such, this is a very important step because you don’t want to get caught by police for violating the standards or by just looking suspicious. Right?
  3. Choose a car tint – Car tints come in many forms like stylish metallic tints, darker shades, lighter shades and mirror-like tints. You can choose with different variants. It depends on your own taste and judgment on which tint best suits your car.
  4. Clean and clean some more – this step is very crucial, you have to take this very seriously because it can affect the whole process. I bet you don’t want your car; mobile car window tinting near me in New Iberia, Louisiana to look bumpy, disorganized and messy. So I suggest doing this step repeatedly until you are satisfied with the cleanliness and you are sure that the car windows are ready for the tint.
  5. Measure Accurately – Car tint shops near me in New Iberia, Louisiana utilize a lot of skills and accurateness from their workers. In determining the size, you should at least have an extra inch as an excess so you will rest assured that the whole window will be covered properly. Another alternative for measuring is cutting a cardboard as a template for your window.
  6. Trim and Install the tint – Cut the tint based on your measurement, using a spray bottle, place the application solution and remove the adhesive backing of the film. Make sure that the sticky part faces the window. Don’t place the tint right away because it may cause unwanted bubbles to build up. Slowly start from the bottom moving upward, in this way you can install it smoothly without damage.
  7. Finishing touches – using a squeegee, apply pressure to the tint until it fully grabs the glass. Make sure there are no air bubbles left inside the film.

Congratulations! You got your car a cooler look.

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