5 Window Tint Types You Can Purchase for Your Windows

5 Window Tint Types You Can Purchase for Your Windows

These days, it is quite hard to look for the perfect window tint. This is because there are a lot of them in the market. So how do you find the right one?

Whether you are looking for a marine mobile tint around Winter Park FL or the residential window tinting cost near Winter Park FL, you will always end up choosing the tint you want. So here are 5 window tint types that you can choose from.

Dyed Film

This is the cheapest option you have for a window type. It contains dyed layers and provides a dark look for your privacy. It is also good with heat absorption by absorbing the heat and then disperses it out with the air. This also offers a dark look, great for aesthetics.

Metalized Film

Customers looking for window tint in Winter Park FL may have heard also about this tint with metal particles which prevent heat by reflecting it away. For those who are looking for mirror privacy window film in Winter Park FL, this film may also be helpful. Metalized film creates a dark and reflective film, but this one’s setback is its signal transmission interference.

Hybrid Film

This film is a combination of the metalized and dyed films making the advantages even greater. Although this film does not focus much on its ability to reflect unlike the metalized film, it is still brighter even with the addition of dye.

Ceramic Film

This film is the latest film in the tinting industry using ceramics as the main ingredient in the film, erasing the usual use of metals and dyes. It is great at rejecting the invisible infrared light and about two-thirds of the heat from the windows. Aside from that, it also blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays that may cause skin cancer. More than that, it makes driving easier every time.

Sputtered Film

Similar to the metalized film, this is from a vacuum chamber making it thinner, lighter, easier to apply, and more flexible. This film has a more suppressed and minimal color shifting as well as reflectivity. More than that, this film is also great at blocking UV radiation.

Knowing a boat tint law around Winter Park FL or the proper tint for you may be challenging as to the many details that you need to consider. But always remember to choose the perfect one wherever you may be using your window tint.