Boat Window Tint Laws You Need to Consider

Boat Window Tint Laws You Need to Consider

If you choose just any type of boat window tint without mulling over specific boat window tint laws, chances are you will have trouble traversing the seas. Worse, you will not get to your destination, and you don’t want that to happen!

Contrary to what most people believe, you can’t just pick any type of tint you want for your vehicle. If you happen to use one that is not allowed in the place where you reside, then you will be held accountable for disobeying the boat window tint laws set up in your state.

Before you go on a trip to the nearest car shop, here are some tint laws with which you need to familiarize yourself.

Darkness Regulation

Though there are numerous health benefits tied to window tint, there are also downsides to it. For instance, you can jeopardize your safety if the shade is too dark and you can’t see your way.

About that, there is a darkness regulation stating that the front side window should at least have 28 percent light that can pass through it, while for back and rear side windows, there should be at least 15 percent light that can pass through them. That is just the needed amount of sunlight that will enable you to see where you are steering.

Reflectivity Regulations

If your window tint reflects too much light, you and your passengers will be left pretty uncomfortable. Moreover, if you happen to be unlucky, the amount of reflected light will result in eye problems.

With that, reflectivity regulations state that front and back side windows should only reflect light up to 25 percent. That way, light glare can be avoided.

Other Tint Laws

Currently, there is no tint color prohibited by law. You can go with any tint color you want so long as they correspond to the requirements above.

There is also no need for any certification so that you can use tint. As long as you own a boat and you want to have the windows tinted, then you are good to go.

Even so, you have to retrieve a tint sticker from the local government. That will serve as proof that you have gained permission from the state to use tint on your boat.

Learning the different boat window tint laws is just as important as actually installing one for your boat. To avoid getting into trouble, you should familiarize yourself with those regulations.