Common Marine Window Tint Misconceptions You Need To Know

Common Marine Window Tint Misconceptions You Need To Know

Even if there are many marine window tint benefits presented, some people still do not believe they are correct. If you own a boating business, you are inclined to think twice if tinting is right for you.

Marine Window Tint Misconceptions and Benefits

Here are some of the misconceptions about installing marine window tint versus the truth behind them.

1. Window tint is too dark.

Installing tint adds a darker shade on your boat’s window, but it does not mean that you cannot see the outside clearly from the inside. Window tints work only to filter light and lessen its impact on the boat and on its passengers.

2. Window tint fades away quickly.

This observation depends on the tint type you use. The factors affecting the life span of a marine window tint depends on the type of glass, type of tint or film, and the window form or construction. Usually, high-quality tints last for ten years or more.

3. Window tint distorts the view.

View distortion will probably happen once you use low-quality tints on your boat’s windows. They contain added colors,such as green, blue, or bronze,to your window glasses.

4. Window tint bubbles and peels over time.

Bubbling and peeling will possibly show up once you installed low-quality tints or put high-quality ones incorrectly on your boat’s window.

5. Window tint is expensive.

Adding window tint on your boat seems expensive, but the price is relevantly lower compared to window replacements, cooling system fixation, and added fuel expenses.

6. Window tint is not essential.

Some of the universal benefits of window tint installation include health protection, boat safety and security, and reduced energy costs.

7. Window tint protects the glass from breaking.

It does not make window glasses unbreakable, but it only controls the impact once glasses have shattered.

8. Window tint installation is easy.

Aside from skills and high-quality materials, tint installation requires a clean and dust-free environment, where a single speck of dirt must not enter between the glass and tint.

9. Window tint is only used to block heat.

Based on number six, window tint installation gives more benefits aside from blocking heat.

10. Window tint installation is prohibited.

Installing tint on your boat is not prohibited, but there are various laws regarding where and what kind of tint to set.

11. Window tint qualities are the same.

Tint qualities depend on the materials used and features added by different manufacturers.

12. Window tint installation prices depict quality.

The price depends on your installer’s packages. Skilled workers may install lower quality tints, while workers with less experience can put high-quality tints.


It is best to know and study the facts before you believe in the misconceptions about marine window tint. Most common myths start with bad tinting jobs but remember that not all window tint products and installers settle for mediocrity.