• Guide in Selecting an Ideal Marine Window Tint

Guide in Selecting an Ideal Marine Window Tint

Marine window tint has different requirements in tinting jobs. In general, cars and marine vehicles get the same benefits in getting their windows tinted, but they differ in some aspects. This article will serve as a guide in understanding marine window tinting regulations and the list of the tint shades and their claimed functions

Regulations for Window Tint Darkness

The shade or darkness of the tint film is one of the overthought parts of window tinting projects. Some believe that the darker the tint, the higher is the chance or protection percentage it can provide. This rule is practiced across some countries and is under the universal maritime law. There are actually no restrictions in selecting a marine window tint.

However, there are some regulations to follow. First is the window tint darkness rule. There are different amounts of tint percentage used for corresponding boat window. The tint for back side and rear window should let 15 percent of light admittance, while the light admittance for front side window should be at least 28 percent.

Tint Types and Longevity

After gathering some information about marine window tinting rules and regulation, it is now time for tint types, benefits, and longevity self-orientation. There are 3 types of boat films with different benefits to choose from.

  • Carbon film – This is a tint that has a matte effect yet inexpensive. It has 40% heat aversion and a good UV blocker feature.
  • Metallic film – It has a pleasant metal-like shine and also good in heat and UV blocking. However, the primary dilemma of this tint is that it invades the radio transmission that is very important in navigating a boarding boat.
  • Ceramic film – This tint is the best in barricading 99% of UV, longevity-wise, and has the best heat blocking feature. But don’t expect it to be the affordable kind.

Once decided to get your boat tinted, practice the proper care and cleaning procedures since hard rubbing and brushing are not applicable. It will leave unwanted scratches and will make your boat tint fade and peel faster. Hire the best boat tint installer you can find. It will be best to invest with the materials for boat tinting to acquire the best result. A marine window tint does not only make your boat look cool and classy, but it also serves as your boat’s armor for the harsh changes and future impurities.

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