Step by Step Guide on How to Tint Boat Windows

Step by Step Guide on How to Tint Boat Windows

Want to know how to tint boat windows smoothly? This article will guide you through in tinting your boat windows. With window tinting, you’ll be more secured and protected. Also, a window tint helps filter out ultraviolet light.

Boat window tinting needs practice and more practice. Patience, perseverance, precision and accuracy are the four key ingredients that you need to be able to apply window tints on your boat perfectly.

The Materials You Need in Applying the Window Tint

You need to first find a tint that fits your boat. Use a Mirror Tint if you dock to a lot of ports. You can also choose Etched Design if you’re artsy. The Color Tint needs to go with color scheme and the Fade to Mirror Tint provides elegance and attention.

The things you need include a dishwashing soap, knives, small sponges, spray bottle, bone tools, blow dryer, rubber squeegee and straight razor.

The Process in Removing Residues Made of Dust And Dirt

The first step on how to tint boat windows is you need to cut the window tint film to the window’s size and shape. Cut the film on a glass board, and set it aside. Then, you have to wash the window. Spray soapy solution on the window’s interior. Then wipe it with a sponge. Make sure to clean and remove all dust and dirt before tinting.

Consequently, remove all residue with your straight razor. Never leave any residue behind. You need to clean the window glass thoroughly. Then, clean the window with your rubber squeegee from top to bottom. Again, remove all residue.

Effective Way of Applying Window Tint Film

The next step on how to tint boat windows is to apply the tint slowly to prevent air bubbles to form underneath the window tint. You need to be patient in this process. Applying the tint is exciting but difficult at the same time. After applying, smooth the tint using a bone tool. Start in smoothing the edges of the window tint.

In heating the window tint, use a blow dryer. While blowing the tint with a dryer, your other hand must hold the rubber squeegee to press the tint. This process will help eliminate moisture and will prevent the tint to seal.

So, that’s basically how to tint boat window. Free yourself from all the fuss because Mobile Window Tint is here. We deliver quality tint installation service at the right price.