• Rules About Mobile Window Tinting in Hagerstown, Maryland

Rules About Mobile Window Tinting in Hagerstown, Maryland

Hagerstown, Maryland. Information on the relevant legislation is usually found in the region’s traffic or vehicle code.

Laws on mobile window tinting in Hagerstown, Maryland, have been executed since 1995. Read on to learn about these important legislations. It’s vital that you know about them before you go to a mobile car tint service in Maryland.

Percent of Window Tint Shade

Asking if there is any mobile car window tinting near me in Hagerstown, Maryland is useless if you’re not even sure that the shade you want is allowed.

Maryland is very precise on the percentage of light allowed to pass through car tints. For instance, a non-reflective tint is allowed 5 inches on the top of a sedan’s windshield. Meanwhile, the front side, back side, and rear windows of sedans are required to let 35% or more of light in. As for vans and SUVs, their front side windows should allow 35% or more of light to filter in. However, any degree of dark window tint can be used for back and rear windows.

Mobile Window Tint Reflection

Window tints reflect light and minimize the heat and glare coming from the sun. Regulations on mobile window tinting in Hagerstown, Maryland, allow a specific reflection on car tints. These rules are the same for sedans, SUVs, and vans, which is that no mirrored or metallic appearance is allowed for both the front and back side windows.

Other Key Rules on Window Tints

It’s tempting to discover the answer to the question “Is there a mobile tint service near me in Hagerstown?” However, it would be better if you first know other key regulations on window tinting your state has.

For instance, one regulation restricts the use of amber and red tints. Maryland also mandates that dual side mirrors be used for vehicles with a tinted back window.

Aside from inquiring about window tinting near me in Hagerstown, you should also ask car shops about the legality of the tints. Car tint manufacturers are required to have their products certified by the state. Maryland also demands that vehicles sport a sticker that identifies the tinting as legal.

Remember that window tinting laws in Hagerstown, Maryland might be different to other states. There could also be disparate interpretations of specific regulations per county. So make sure you clearly understand your area’s codes or laws before getting mobile window tinting in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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