The Latest Trend in Mobile Window Tinting in Lowell, Massachusetts

The Latest Trend in Mobile Window Tinting in Lowell, Massachusetts

More people are using mobile window tinting in Lowell, Massachusetts. Their purpose is to improve the look and function of their cars. While many car owners want to darken their windows to add security, some still prefer to see the outside view as they drive. Fortunately, most shops offer different colors and types of tints. Just type in “mobile tinting near me in Lowell, Massachusetts” in the search engine box to find out which stores offer the kind and shade of tint that you want for your car.

Today, the trend in mobile window tinting in Lowell, Massachusetts is clear ceramic window films. But before you search for “window tinting near me in Massachusetts,” you need to know the purpose of this window tint.

  • A Quick Overview of the Clear Ceramic Window Film

A transparent ceramic film is an advanced window tint that uses the latest nanotechnology to keep the UV rays out of your vehicle. When the sun hits your car window, this film can reflect up to 95% of the ultraviolet heat away from your car. Furthermore, it will prevent a total of 68% of solar energy. This latest trend in mobile window tinting in Lowell, Massachusetts can also provide optimal clarity and color stability.

Compared to other window tints, this one does not fade. Hence, it will still look good no matter how many years you have been using the film.

  • Benefits of Using a Clear Ceramic Window Film

Before searching for “mobile tinting service near me in Lowell, Massachusetts,” you need to know the benefits of this film. Listed below are the things you can get from this window tint:

  1. It diminishes eyes strain and glare, especially when you drive at night.
  2. It blocks the harmful UV rays, which is the leading cause of many skin disorders.
  3. It keeps the car interior in excellent condition.
  4. It helps prevent skin damage.

Due to these perks, many people are asking about “mobile tint service near me in Lowell,” which offers ceramic window film.

  • Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Massachusetts

When searching for “window tinting near me prices in Massachusetts” online, you also need to look for laws governing the land. If you live in Lowell, you need to keep in mind the following rules:

  1. You can only apply non-reflective tints to the top six inches of the windshield.
  2. The tint should allow at least 35% of the natural light to pass on your front side windows.
  3. The film must allow more than 35% of the light to enter the back side and rear window for multi-passenger vehicles.

When you know the rules about mobile window tinting in Lowell, Massachusetts, it is easier to choose a film for your car.