Mobile Window Tinting Laws That You Should Know in Flint, Michigan

Mobile Window Tinting Laws That You Should Know in Flint, Michigan

Before installing mobile window tints, there are several factors that you need to consider. In some states, mobile window tinting is not allowed. While in some, it is allowed, but you have to follow certain rules.

Here are some of the rules or laws in Michigan regarding mobile window tinting:

The Allowed Tint Darkness in Michigan

Tint darkness is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage of VLT%. In Michigan, this refers to the percentage of light that is allowed to pour into the glass and film.

Here is the allowed tint darkness in Michigan for cars, trucks and Multi-Passenger Vehicles like vans and SUVs:

  • Windshield: The non-reflective tint is only allowed on your windshield’s top 4 inches.
  • Front Side Windows: The non-reflective window tint is only allowed on the front roll-ups’ top 4 inches.
  • Back Side Windows: Any Visible Light Transmission percentage is allowed or can be legally installed on this window. Multi-Passenger Vehicles can also allow any light transmissions.
  • Rear Window: Any VLT can be legally used on the rear window. MPVs can allow any light transmissions as well.

Reflective Tint

Window car tinting can contain metallic substances or mirror-like features. The tint helps in reflecting the incoming light and reduces or blocks the glare. It also rejects the heat emitted by visible light.

If you have searched on the internet for mobile car window tinting near me in Flint, you must also be aware of these following rules in your state:

  • Front Side Windows: The front side windows should only have 35% reflective tint. Anything more than that would be illegal.
  • Back Side Windows: Back side windows should also have not more than 35% of reflective tint.

Other Rules and Regulations in Michigan

Before going to car tinting shops, you should also be aware of these other rules and regulations regarding mobile window tinting in Michigan.

  • Restricted Colors: No tint colors are banned in Michigan.
  • Side Mirrors: There are no restrictions for side mirrors.
  • Certificate Requirements: Window filmmakers do not need to have certificates in selling the film in Michigan.
  • Sticker Requirements: Stickers are not required for identifying legal tint.
  • Medical Exemption: The laws in Michigan regarding mobile window tinting allow the use of special tint in medical exemptions.

These are the rules and regulations that you should be aware of before going to the auto glass and tint shop. This is to avoid penalties and avoid cops from flagging you down because of your window tint.

You search the internet to get more information about these laws. You can just type laws regarding mobile window tinting near me in Flint, Michigan.