Best Time of Year for Mobile Window Tinting in Pontiac, Michigan

Best Time of Year for Mobile Window Tinting in Pontiac, Michigan

Quality and life of tint can be affected due to the weather or season. Mobile window tinting in Pontiac, Michigan, includes planning the best time to do it. Companies who offer window tinting have a designated space where they can control humidity and temperature on extreme weather conditions.

Before you search for “window tinting near me in Pontiac” or “mobile car window tinting near me in Pontiac,” know when is the best time to have your windows tinted.


Mobile window tinting companies might find it ideal to tint windows during summer as tints adhere faster due to warm air. On the contrary, if there’s a high level of humidity, it could be difficult for the tint to cling in to the glass. It might be best to wait until summer is over if extreme heat that cause too much humidity is common in your place.


Most companies that offer mobile car tint service in Michigan prefer spring, as it is a good time because it’s not too hot or too cold. On the other hand, rain may pour down which is a big problem when window tinting is done outside. Car window tint shops in Pontiac have a designated room where they can do the work during this time.


Fall could also be great for mobile window tinting in Pontiac, Michigan. The clean air and mild temperature during this season help the tint to cure and cling properly to the windows. Despite the perfect climate during fall season, it might be challenging for the curing process in some areas that experience lower temperature in the later part of this season.


Providers of mobile window tinting in Pontiac, Michigan, in northern states might have difficulty applying the window tints. Cold weather extends the cooling process, and time availability to finish the tinting process might be limited due to snow and ice. It is a common reason for window tinting providers to perform their tasks inside a climate-controlled room during this time of the year.

Car window tinting laws in Michigan are not the only ones to be taken into consideration when applying tints on windows. A professional tint installer will also consider the climate condition in your area while selecting the tint that is suitable for your needs.

In general, spring and fall are the best time of year for mobile window tinting in Pontiac, Michigan. The ideal climate condition in these seasons makes the tint adhere to the surface of the glass thoroughly. Professional window tinting could cost around $200–$400. Given the fact that car window tinting needs enough time to cure for full adhesion to windows, taking the weather condition into account assures that your investment is not wasted.