3 Types of Mobile Window Tinting in Independence, Missouri

3 Types of Mobile Window Tinting in Independence, Missouri

The mobile window tinting you can use in Independence, Missouri may be different from other areas because of the weather variation.  Although tints differ in some aspect, the one thing that they have in common is the main ingredient, the polyester film.

The usual reason why a person would search for information about “mobile tinting service near me in Independence” on the Internet is because of their desire to get maximum protection from daylight. The problem when you type in the phrase “mobile auto tinting near me in Missouri” you will be given a long list of shops and the different products they offer.

The numerous products can be confusing especially for someone who is not familiar with mobile window tinting in Independence. Here are some of the basic types of mobile window tinting products offered in Missouri:

  • Metalized Tint

If you check out the products under “mobile car tinting near me in Independence,” you would surely see metalized tint among the conventional products offered. This type of film prevents light from entering the vehicle due to its reflective capabilities. It uses small metallic particles to produce its reflective ability. Aside from providing protection from light, metallic tints also add strength to the window film.

  • Dyed Tint

Another product that would appear under “mobile tinting near me in Independence” is a dyed film. This is made up of several layers of dye which blocks sunlight. The dyed film may not be as sturdy as metallic films, and it needs replacement more often than the other types, but it is an inexpensive option.

A dyed tint is an ideal option who wants privacy since this film is opaque. However, when it comes to heat reduction, dyed tints are not as efficient as the other types.

  • Hybrid Tint

If you want the advantages of both the metallic and dyed mobile window tinting products in Missouri, consider using hybrid tint. This type of film utilizes both dyes as well as metallic particles, but it reduces the negatives of both elements.

Grey dye combined with titanium is the best combination because it is neither too reflective nor too dark. Hybrid tint also gives sufficient protection.

After learning these common types of tint, the next essential information you should know is the cost. You can get this data by typing in “window tinting near me prices in Independence.” Remember that expensive doesn’t always mean quality, so you need to look into each of your choices carefully.