Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Saint Louis, Missouri

Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Saint Louis, Missouri

These days, there is a significant increase in the number of vehicle owners who prefer to tint their cars. People can quickly search online and type in “mobile tinting service near me in Saint Louis” and get the list of mobile window tinting shops around Missouri. From here, they can just go through the list and choose which store to go to.

Now that you have the necessary data which answers the question “what car tint shops near me in Saint Louis?” the next thing you need to look into is the tinting laws in the area. Since tinting laws differ from one state to another, you need to check out the specific recommendations in the state where you are at.

Here are some mobile window tinting laws in Missouri:

Darkness of Window Tints

Missouri residents are allowed to use tint on their left and right windows as long as it has 35 percent light transmittance. According to the highway patrol of Missouri state, they are allowing a measurement error margin of 3 percent -/+. Windows located at the back of the driver and the rear part is not subjected to the tinting laws. As for the windshield, only the top portion should be tinted.

Reflective Tints

The shops found in your mobile auto tinting near me list in Missouri will mostly have reflective tint products available. This product is one of the most in-demand kinds of tint due to the attractive finish. Mobile window tinting shops in Saint Louis offer this product not only because of its look but also because of its capability to reduce glare and the rise in your car’s internal temperature.

This kind of tint contains metallic components to help reduce the amount of light that enters through the vehicle’s windows. The mobile window tinting law in Missouri permits a film that reflects about 35 percent of light.

Medical Exceptions

The tinting law of Missouri allows much darker tints for individuals who are suffering from a medical condition that contraindicates exposure to sunlight. In cases like this, a medical certificate signed by the physician must be presented to the highway patrol so they can provide the necessary permit.

Bring the permit to any shops in your “window tinting near me list in Saint Louis” to enable them to do the installation. The medical note from the physician will also specify the tint percentage recommended.

To give you an idea of how much this tinting cost, you can search window tinting near me prices in Missouri. You should also consider additional charges for future window cleaning services as this would help retain the look and function of your vehicle tints.