Types of Mobile Window Tint in Kearney, Nebraska

Types of Mobile Window Tint in Kearney, Nebraska

Finding the perfect mobile window tint in Kearney, Nebraska may be as hard as looking for the perfect tinting service. But don’t you know that there are different tints that you can choose from? Here are the different tints and their composition.

Dyed Window Film

This mobile window tint is the least expensive. With the dye, it blocks light rays, absorbing it and preventing heat from reaching the inside of the car. While this film provides privacy for the car owner because it appears flat and opaque on the outside, it can fade with time. Most car tinting shops in Kearney, Nebraska will most likely not recommend this.

All Metal-Metalized Window Film

This film has very small metallic particles implanted in the film that resists the heat. It is also known for being shatter-resistant. A mobile car tint service in Kearney, Nebraska may also consider this film, but the problem comes when it interferes with board electronics, GPS transmission, cellular phones, or radio reception.

Metal/Dyed Hybrid Film

As its name states, it has both the qualities of metal and hybrid films. It has the absorbing qualities of the dyed film and a metal layer’s reflective qualities. Considered a high-performing film, it can be highly recommended by an auto glass and tint shop in Kearney, Nebraska for costumers looking for glare reduction and protection from ultraviolet rays.

Carbon Window Film

This mobile window tint in Kearney, Nebraska blocks 50-70% of the infrared heat which causes warmth. The film is also patented with Nano-Carbon technology, getting its color from carbon material that never fades. Since it doesn’t contain any metal, there are no problems with interference. Some mobile window tinting for cars in Kearney, Nebraska may prefer this for you.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic films are better with absorption than other films. It does not fade and is the most advanced in terms of technology. While it is good with absorption, it is still good with retaining light blocking up the solar heat and infrared heat. It does not also interfere with GPS systems and the like. This is very useful for those who are looking for durable materials with superb heat reduction.

To those who are looking for car window tinting near me in Kearney, Nebraska, choose the perfect film first. Just remember that these films all have their advantages. You just have to find the perfect mobile window tint in Kearney, Nebraska that will suit you.