Relevance of Driver’s Age to Mobile Window Tinting in Bismarck, ND

Relevance of Driver’s Age to Mobile Window Tinting in Bismarck, ND

Have you ever thought about the connection of mobile window tinting in Bismarck to the driver’s age? Many of us in Bismarck seek the assistance of a mobile car tint service in North Dakota, but we fail to think about the relativity of the driver’s age to tinted windows. Are your car windows properly tinted according to your age as a driver?

Window tints can cause a significant amount of visual reduction for car drivers. Thus, older drivers with poorer eyesight than younger ones might find it difficult if their car windows are too dark. A research showed that 18% VLT reduced the contrast sensitivity for younger drivers, while 37% VLT did not affect their vision. For older drivers between 60 and 69 years old, 37% VLT reduced their contrast sensitivity significantly.

Customized mobile car window tinting in Bismarck became popular because of the availability of easy-to-apply tint films. In addition, numerous car tint shops near me in North Dakota are now available to help car owners apply their desired tint films.

Studies in the 1950s were published comparing 88% untinted windows to 73% tinted windows. Researchers predicted there would only be 9%–15% reduced distance visibility. However, it actually showed a reduction of 22% in the distance at which drivers perceived targets in the road. These researches concluded that improper mobile window tinting is unsafe, especially during nighttime.

Shops that provide mobile car tinting near me in Bismarck consider the danger of applying unsuitable aftermarket tint films.  The federally mandated 70% minimum transmission should be the standard of aftermarket tint films based on the study of Derkum in 1993. Lower than 70% could give a significant effect on the driver’s vision, especially when they’re older citizens.

Services related to window tinting near me in North Dakota would be able to tell the major concern of car tinting laws. The tasks being implemented in car windows require instantaneous detection of unilluminated, low-contrast targets in the road. Cognitive speed and visual process slow down with age on top of tinting interference with target detection. Therefore, a mobile window tinting near me in Bismarck cannot guarantee road safety when driving with tinted windows irrelevant to the driver’s age.

Mobile car window tinting in North Dakota might be different from other states in terms of window tinting laws. Other states require 35% VLT in their car front side windows. Two experiments were conducted comparing the performance between the young and the elderly with VLT levels from 10%–20%. The elderly showed a decrease in performance at 63% and 35% VLT, and at 20% for all participants. In conclusion, road safety is not assured if the car’s front side windows from mobile window tinting in North Dakota have 35% VLT tint.