• History of Mobile Window Tint in Grand Forks, North Dakota

History of Mobile Window Tint in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ever wondered when mobile window tint in North Dakota started? There might not be any answer particularly for North Dakota, but its history certainly exists. As window tinting for cars in Grand Forks become popular, it also has improved way better than when it was created.

The idea of window tinting started in the United States when the entire world was busy with exploding bombs everywhere during the Second World War. One of the first tinting manufacturers presented factory window tint in several car models between 1940 and 1960. Few people, who could not get their cars tinted from the factory, took the courage to do their own window tint.

An auto glass and tint shop in Grand Forks might have an idea about the history of window tinting, but there’s an earlier backstory about the first tinted glass. Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamian around 3000 B.C. – 1300 A.D. developed the processes for tinting and coloring glass for beads and ornamental pots.

Clear glass was used by the Romans for windows around 100 A.D. before they started using stained glass for palaces, churches, and mosques. They put colors in the glass by adding metallic oxide powders. This was widely performed in the medieval period in Europe and the Middle East.

Before a mobile car window tinting near me in Grand Forks started, window tinting was only obtainable from auto manufacturers. Between 1960 and 1966, a small industry of auto window tint shop in Grand Forks began to emerge. The most well-known alternative to window tint was a spray-on. However, the result was not desirable as the shade turns out to be either too dark or uneven.

Window tint films were created in 1966 in the form of dyed, thin plastic material. On the contrary to their purpose of repelling heat, they absorbed more instead. They were not long lasting, and they end up purple and bubbly after a long period of exposure to the sun.

Finally, metallic window films were made in the early 1990s which reduce the heat of the sun by 50%. Their only downside was the interference they cause to electronic gadgets like GPS and radios. There would not be any auto window tint shop in North Dakota that will recommend this, as the use of electronic devices today are without limits.

The services of an automotive window tinting near me in Grand Forks will certainly include all types of window tint films. The latest in mobile window tint in North Dakota is made of a ceramic film which absolutely lasts longer and blocks UV rays and heat instead of your signals from mobile phone and other gadgets. Thanks to the innovators who took the effort and made the entire mobile window tint in North Dakota possible.

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