Different Levels of Mobile Window Tint in Mandan, North Dakota

Different Levels of Mobile Window Tint in Mandan, North Dakota

Mobile window tint in North Dakota to the vehicle’s interior is an aftermarket upgrade. Some cars have factory-tinted windows which are usually done on the rear windows. A dyed glass is also called a“factory tint”. These DIY kits mostly end up bubbly and messy. Hence, it’s not surprising why auto window tinting cost in Mandan is cheaper if it’s done by a professional installer.

Window tint reduces the visible light transmission (VLT). Window tinting is assessed based on the percentage of light transmission. The darker the tint, the lower amount of light it transmits. A VLT of 74%–85% is what’s common among factory tints.

While window tinting near me prices in Mandan varies depending on each shop, laws for tinted windows also vary in different states. Different levels of tint range from 20% in New Mexico to 70% in some places, including mobile window tint in North Dakota.

Different Levels of Window Tints

Shops that offer mobile auto window tinting near me in North Dakota use various methods that also produces different VLT. These methods depend on the intensity of the tint’s shade to a limited extent. Competent mobile tinting service near me in North Dakota should know the reason for window tinting so they can help determine which of these methods is the best for the driver.

Factory Tint

The glass is dyed during the process of manufacturing the vehicle. As mentioned earlier, its VLT is 74%–85% depending on the place where the car will be shipped for sale.

OEM Tint

This can be acquired with any VLT as desired by the owner. However, applicable laws for window tint should be considered. OEM tint is an upgrade in European countries. It is done by applying a mixture into the glass during the manufacture of the vehicle.

This is also considered as the most expensive among window tints. It has to be done when the vehicle is acquired or when the windows are bought and installed by a licensed mechanic.

Film Tint

This tint can have a VLT as high as 90% or as low as 2.5%. This is the popular method, and before the polymer film is attached in to the window, the glass needs to be treated specially first. Although a well-known method, it is prone to bubbles if not carefully done. That’s why the help of a professional installer of a mobile auto tinting near me in North Dakota is needed rather than applying the window tint on your own.

It’s imperative to learn more about window tinting before having your windows tinted because mobile window tintin North Dakota has different levels like those in other places.