3 Reasons Why You Should Apply a Skylight Film Tint

3 Reasons Why You Should Apply a Skylight Film Tint

Applying a skylight film tint is an essential part of decorating your house. The primary purpose of a skylight is to provide natural lighting inside the home with lesser energy consumption. However, skylights are more prone to glare and breakage than any other windows in your house.

Adding a solar film tint could significantly reduce the vulnerability of your skylights. It is also a cost-effective way to protect your home, your possessions, and, most importantly, your family.

Here are three reasons why you should install a skylight film tint in your home:

Reduce Glare and Damage from UV Rays

The soft light of the early morning sun can become a harsh glare in the afternoon. Skylights are especially susceptible to glare since they are rarely covered with curtains. Aside from light reflecting off of surfaces, continuous exposure to UV rays can even damage your furniture.

Tinting helps reduce the amount of light and harmful rays that come into your home. It can help to protect and preserve your cabinetry and furnishing. Finding the right shade and grade could decrease the glare while still providing your home with the much-needed natural light.

Keep Your Family Comfortable

Large windows like skylights tend to produce more heat inside a room. Likewise, it also doubles the cold temperature during winter months. Problems like these can lead to high electricity bill due to the erratic usage of air-conditioner or heater.

Window tints prevent trapped solar heat. It provides light without the extra temperature that makes an area uncomfortable at times. It also helps in maintaining proper climate inside a room and lessens energy consumption.

Reinforce Skylight During Rain, Snow, and Storms

The skylight is the most vulnerable window when it rains and snows. It is placed on the roof and endures high pressures during storms. All these factors could cause fracture and breakage of the window directly above your head.

Film tints applied on skylights not only increase its aesthetics, but it also strengthens the glass. Even if the glass shatters, the film’s adhesive will hold the broken pieces safely until you can replace it. You never have to worry about falling debris during storms.

Skylights are a beautiful and practical addition to any homes. The natural sunlight from these windows is good for your health and helps bring the outdoors in. Applying a skylight film tint is a good way to protect your home and your investments while still enjoying all its beauty and functionality.