How to Clean Tinted House Windows: 4 Things to Keep In Mind

How to Clean Tinted House Windows 4 Things to Keep In Mind

One of the most important questions in home window tinting is: how do you clean tinted house windows? Having sparkling clean tinted house windows is a must for one to enjoy the full benefits of this type of window treatment. Smudgy, dusty, dirty windows can easily be cleaned if you keep these 4 things in mind.

Cure to Be Sure

If you want to effectively clean tinted house windows, patience is vital. One of the biggest mistakes in cleaning the window tint is cleaning it before it has cured completely. Window film takes time to cure or dry. Different factors can affect how long it will take for window tint to dry. This includes the kind of window tint film that was installed and the climate of the area where the house is located.

It is normal to see imperfections in the window tint film right after installation. Imperfections like bubbles and some level of cloudiness are all normal. These blemishes will disappear once the drying process is over. Cleaning tinted house windows starts with finding out from the installer how long it will take for the newly installed window tint to dry.

No, No, No to Ammonia

Once your window tint film has completely dried, it is time to gather the supplies needed to clean the tinted windows. One of the first questions to ask is what type of cleaning product should be used. Cleaning tinted house windows correctly excludes the use of an ammonia-based cleaning product or anything with powerful chemicals in it. Ammonia and strong chemicals can cause your window tint film to fade or discolor. Soft soap and vinegar can be part of a gentle recipe for a tinted window cleaner.

Go Soft and Smooth

Hard, abrasive cleaning tools like scouring pads, bristled brushes, and even some rough paper towels are no-nos. These can scratch the window tint film, leaving unsightly marks. Go for soft, smooth and preferably lint-free cloth. Knowing the proper tools you can use to clean tinted house windows assures a perfect view for you and your family.

Finish it Off With Water

 After properly cleaning your window with a gentle cleaning solution and a non-abrasive cloth, go an added step. For that extra sparkle, spray your tinted house windows with clean water and gently wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth. Using water can make a big difference in how to clean tinted house windows well.

 Protect your investment by maintaining your tinted house windows properly. Follow the 4 tips mentioned when cleaning window tint film. Knowing how to clean tinted house windows correctly will allow the whole family to enjoy your tinted windows day in and day out.