How To Prep Your Home For Next Halloween Using Residential Film

How To Prep Your Home For Next Halloween Using Residential Film

How did your Halloween go? Was it off the bomb? Was it spectacular? Was it horrible? Was it just about the worst Halloween you ever had? Well, whatever your answer was, you still have a chance to make it better next year, but you have to start planning, as early as now. All you need is some good old residential film, and you’re good to go.

If you are not a complete newbie in the tinting industry, then you will find this idea quite absurd, considering that residential film is commonly used to protect the inside of the house from the harmful sun rays.

However, with a little work of the imagination, you can use your window film for something much more useful, such as scaring your friends on next year’s Halloween. Keep on reading to learn more about it.

Your Friends Will Never Know What Hit Them

Windows can give you away so easily. Since windows are either transparent or translucent, then people can easily see what’s up with your home from the outside.

Even if you come up with the most insane plan to do a scary makeover for your house, it just wouldn’t scare anyone. That’s because back when you were still planning it, people could already see what you were up to just by looking at your windows.

But with window tint, they just won’t have any idea. Since your windows are tinted, people will find it hard to see what’s going on inside.

Tinted Houses Are The Least Likely To Be Scary

Tinted houses aren’t scary at all. They are more professional looking than scary. With that, even though people are expecting houses to have some surprise, they will never expect it from you. They will probably just think that you decided to be quiet for the Halloween for a change, but they will be so surprised when they step inside your place, and something suddenly jumps at them.

It Will Be Dark Out

Halloween is usually celebrated during the night. Since your house is already scary enough, the only thing that your friends can hang on to is the light from the outside, but since your windows are all tinted, they will have nothing.

It will feel as if they landed on a haunted house, and just as soon as you are about burst out laughing, then you can turn the lights back on.


Nobody will dare think that you are using residential film to scare people on Halloween. So, it is going to be spectacular when you see the look on their faces as they step inside your haunted house.