Know the Best Practices in Maintaining Residential Window Tint

Know the Best Practices in Maintaining Residential Window Tint

There are important things you need to know about residential window tint. These considerations include the type of window film to use, window tint shop to hire, benefits you could get, and proper maintenance.

The most effective way to having the best use of residential window tint is by taking good care it. It could last long with proper maintenance. You can use the following tips to help you prolong the life of your window tint.

Never pop the Bubble

You might see cloud-like appearance and bubbles right after installing the window film. You do not have to worry since it will disappear by itself. You must wait up to 30 days for the window film to heal. Curing is letting the film dry and harden over a specified time. The duration will depend on the thickness and property of the window film used.

Cleaning Method

Cleaning residential window tint is very crucial. You must wait at least 30 days before wiping the windows. If you clean it in less than 30 days, it will damage the adhesive property of window tint and eventually peel off.

The ideal time for cleaning the window is either morning or evening as it is the time when the window glass does not heat up. Otherwise, it can result in a broken window film.

Do not use too much pressure while cleaning the windows. Use gentle strokes to avoid damaging the window tint. You must use a soft cloth, soft paper towels, or synthetic sponges. Never use cleaning cloth with abrasive materials as it will damage the mobile tint.

The Right Cleaning Product

Stay away from glass cleaners that have ammonia, vinegar or alcohol as it can also damage the window film. It would be better to use dishwashing liquid or foam window cleaner. It is done to avoid scratches on the windows.

The great thing about window tint is that it could last 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. Follow the said tips, and you will be able to enjoy the interior of your home. It will keep the ambiance fresh and classy.

Direct sunlight is a significant factor in the fading and deterioration of furniture, curtain, and flooring. It also causes skin cancer and hastens aging. You can block these harmful rays of the sun by installing the best residential window tint.