• Rationale Behind Installing Home Window Tints

Rationale Behind Installing Home Window Tints

Why would you invest in home window tints when you can use drapes, curtains, or blinds to reduce heat increase privacy?  This question can be answered by comparing all four of them.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains can reduce light that passes through your home window. They are also able to provide the privacy that your family needs. Unfortunately, these two are not effective in blocking ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering your humble abode.

Drapes and curtains also fade over time and need to be washed regularly so to keep them clean, which means extra effort on your part.


Blinds can be pulled up and down without a hitch using the wand that comes with it. The thing with them, however, is that they tend to block the view of the outside. They can look too stiff or formal for a home setting as well. They can reduce the glare and light that enters your domicile, but they are not efficient enough to be able to put up a good fight with UV rays.

Blinds take a lot of time and effort to clean. If not sluiced down regularly just like curtains and drapes, they can be a breeding ground for allergens. An even bad news is that these can cause a lot of harm to your family.

Home Window Tints

Home window tints can do everything curtains, drapes, and blinds cannot do in terms of controlling the amount of sunlight entering your home. Check out what these thin films can do for your home:

  •    Saves on energy because tints minimize loss of heat during winter and heat gain during summer;
  •    Reduces up to 90 percent the harmful damages caused by sun’s UV rays (you need not wear sunblock anymore when you’re just lounging inside your home);
  •    Reduces the penetration of glare. While direct sunlight inside your house lessens the need for artificial light, too much glare can make it difficult to relax and work as the heat can be intolerable at times;
  •    Protects furniture, artwork, and carpets from fading due to too much exposure to the sun;
  •    Increases privacy and security because everything inside your home will not be visible from the outside;
  •    Strengthens home windows, which can prevent damage and injury caused by shattered glass in case of accidents. Most home window films allow broken pieces of glass to stick to them, preventing further harm; and,
  •    Provides a decorative addition to your home.  Home window tints are also available in creative designs.

Home window tints can make your home fresh and conducive no matter how cold or hot it is outside.

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