Residential Window Film: 3 Must-Trys For Your Nook

Residential Window Film: 3 Must-Trys For Your Nook

Trying out residential window film is exciting especially if you are decorating your nook. Exploring some of the best window films in town is indeed rewarding. More so, you can pattern it on your own preference and sometimes custom-fit it to what you find ideal.

There are several types of residential window films available on the market today. The wide selection can make it hard for any homeowners to choose what could be the best window tint that goes with their home and answers their preference and objectives.

A residential window film is more advantageous when it comes to dealing with protection and privacy of your home than beautifying it. It serves a wider purpose that entails confidentiality, comfort, security, and aesthetics.

To help you decide on what type of film to get, here are three must-try’s for your home:

Nano-ceramic Window Film

The nano-ceramic window film is a sophisticated approach to installing a residential window film. It does not block the great view of the exterior and has high heat rejection that supports in lowering your home’s energy cost. It also gives you a more comfortable feeling at home, especially in your room.

The nano-ceramic window film can block up to 99 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays that can take a toll on your health, especially on your skin and eyes.

All-metalized Window Film

The all-metalized window film is a type of window film that has a sleek mirror appearance. It cuts 79 percent of glare, blocks 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, and rejects 77 percent of heat.

It is made up of aluminum metal that caters modern and reflective silver shades that shall not fade even in a longer period. It diminishes eye strain and even cuts glare coming from television and computer screens.

Dual-reflective and Non-Fading Window Film

The dual-reflective and non-fading type of window film offers durability and high performance. It rejects 82 percent of heat coming from direct sunlight, cuts glare of up to 91 percent, and blocks 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

It is made from double metal – aluminum and sputtered – that gives a high solar control to protect the home from the heat from the outside.

Getting the best residential window film for your home is a must to protect you and your family’s privacy. Not only that, most films on the market today also offer health protection against the harmful rays of the sun and heat coming from the exterior.