Why Residential Window Tinting Is Considered a Necessity

Why Residential Window Tinting Is Considered a Necessity

You may not always realize this, but every day of your life, you seek the benefits of residential window tinting—you close the blinds to block the sun’s heat, you try to turn down the air conditioner to save on energy costs, and you want to keep your privacy. Window tinting is no longer a luxury these days, but a necessity. Below are the reasons:

Energy Efficiency

Solar heat penetrates through a regular glass window, rising the temperature inside the home. Extensive use of air-conditioning units eventually results in high energy bills. With window films, you can gain long-term savings on your bill.  Window tints are capable of blocking a significant level of heat from entering your house, which benefits both your pocket and the environment.

UV Protection

One of the most important benefits of residential window tinting is its ability to block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. This reduces risk of getting skin cancer brought about by frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful radiation.

Enhanced Security

This is one important reason you should consider installing tinted windows for your home. Based on FBI data, forcible entry accounted for 60.5% of burglaries recorded in the USA in 2010. You may not be aware, but window films provide an additional level of security to your home. A properly installed window tint holds the glass in place longer when an intruder tries to break through it.

Increased Privacy

If you’re the type of person who values privacy, then residential window tinting may be just what you need! This is beneficial especially if your house is located in a busy area frequented by a lot of people. With tinted windows, you won’t have to worry about prying eyes—they can’t see you from the outside.

Exterior Appeal and Easy Maintenance

A window film’s water- and scratch-resistant feature allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Window tints usually work well with specified cleaning agents. Your tint provider will give you instructions on this, so be sure to follow their recommendations.

If you’re trying to sell a residential property, window tinting also gives a great exterior appeal, inviting a second look from people passing by.

If you’re now keen on getting that much-needed window tint for your home, the next step is to find the best tint installer in town. Look up online or ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. The right residential window tinting can turn your home into a safer, more comfortable place to live.