Which Mobile Window Tint Service in Hampton, VA Is for You?

Which Mobile Window Tint Service in Hampton, VA Is for You?

There are different kinds of mobile window tint in Hampton, Virginia and various cities and states. Most often than not, you get to choose what type of tint and shade you want for your vehicle. However, do you even know the kinds of tints and shades?

Before you hit the keyboard to type window tinting near me in Hampton, VA, you need to familiarize yourself with the kinds and shades of tint first. This way, it will be easier for you to choose which tint is the right one for your auto.

Kinds of Window Tint Films

  • Dyed Window Tint Film

If you are on a tight budget, dyed window tint film as mobile window tinting for cars in Hampton, Virginia is the right one for you. It is the cheapest way to get your auto windows tinted. Dye is added to the film to blocking off light rays. Dyed window tint film is popular among car owners who want to have tinted windows for enhancing their auto’s appearance since dye looks opaque and flat on the outside. This condition gives you the privacy you need, but still allows some visibility from the inside. However, this does not last longer than other window tint films due to lack of sufficient heat-reduction levels.

  • Metalized Window Film

Another kind of window tint you can get from car tinting shops in Hampton, Virginia is metalized window film. Just like the first one, it reflects light and heat away from your car’s interior. There are tiny metallic particles on the film, and these are what make it possible to reflect light and heat away.

  • Carbon Window Tint Film

Compared to the first two kinds of tint films, this one is better and more expensive. So, if you have a little more budget, you can ask your auto window shop in Hampton, Virginia to get your windows tinted with this film. This kind is a combination of the first two films – but without their disadvantages. This film does not contain any metallic particle. Therefore, you won’t have problems with radio and cellphones transmission.

  • Ceramic Film

This tint is the ultimate mobile window tint in Hampton, Virginia. It is the best of all the best. Considering that it is the one with the highest quality, it is not a surprise to know that it is also the most expensive one. It uses ceramic particles for blocking off light and heat. The ceramic particles are both nonmetallic and nonconductive.

Now that you already know the different mobile window tint services in Hampton, Virginia, you can now wisely choose which one is for you. Once you have already decided the right kind of window tint film for you, you can now start typing auto window tinting near me in Hampton, VA and set up an appointment with the best window tint company.