How Professionals Apply Mobile Window Tint in Bellevue, Washington

How Professionals Apply Mobile Window Tint in Bellevue, Washington

Despite the availability of numerous DIY blogs and videos, there are some things better left to the professionals, like installing a mobile window tint in Bellevue.

There are several reasons why this project should be handled by experts. For one, car tint shops know the regulations on window tints. Professional installers also have the right training and experience, and these would show in how they apply mobile window tint in Bellevue, Washington. Here’s how the experts go about it:

  • Choosing the Right Film Tint for Your Car

You can’t begin this journey without first going online to search for “car tinted windows near me in Bellevue.” Once that’s done, you can start choosing a window film. Expert tinters can’t pick a tint for you, but they can help you make an informed choice. A tint specialist can explain the different qualities of the film, like visible light transmission or glare reduction. They can also advise on the tint percentage that’s ideal for a mobile window tint in Bellevue.

  • Cleaning the Outer Part of the Car Windows

Once the customer has selected from his list of “auto window tinting near me in Washington,” the prep work can begin. This process starts with scrubbing the outside of the windows thoroughly because even a little dirt or dust can cause problems. This also makes it easier for the installer to see any dirt or bubbles once the tints are applied.

Most people believe that window films are only applied on the inside of the car. In reality, professionals first install the tint outside in order for the shrinking step to proceed without a hitch.

  • Cutting the Film Either by Hand or Machine

Car window films need to be cut before they’re installed. Ask any expert from your list of “car tint shops near me in Washington,” and they’ll say that professionals have an edge as most tint shops use automatic cutting machines and computers to ensure accuracy. However, custom jobs and work on older car models still entail manual cutting, something that professionals can do accurately and quickly.

  • Removing Finger Marks by Shrinking the Film

Finger marks are another reason why it’s crucial to look for premiere “car window tinting near me in Bellevue.”Fingers are sections of the film that curve up on the glass. Removing them can be tricky, especially if you’re new at it. To remove finger marks, the installer uses a heat gun to warm up the film so that it shrinks and matches the curve of the window. This magically causes the fingers to disappear.

The whole installation usually takes about an hour or three, depending on the car model and a number of windows. Choosing a professional to do your mobile window tint in Bellevue also means that your tint job would look like it was done in the factory, even though the auto window tinting cost in Bellevue, Washington comes at half the price.