Window Tinting Laws in Kennewick, WA That Drivers Should Know

Window Tinting Laws in Kennewick, WA That Drivers Should Know

Before you consider getting a mobile window tinting in Kennewick, you should brush up on the state’s regulations on car window tints.

Every state has its own distinct regulations on car tints. This makes driving cross-country challenging for some drivers. For instance, the dark tinted windows you got from a mobile car tint service in Washington might be legal in the state but banned in West Virginia.

Aside from reading on your own, you can also search online for “mobile tint service near me in Kennewick.” These companies can help you understand some window tinting laws such as:

  • Rules on Allowed Window Tint Darkness in Washington

Washington’s law on the amount of visible light transmission (VLT) permitted through your car windows is very specific. It differs based on the type of vehicle, although the windshield law for sedans, SUVs, and vans are the same – that non-reflective tint is permitted on the windshield’s top 6 inches.

Reliable auto window tint shops in Kennewick, Washington, will tell you that front, side, and rear windows of sedans are required to allow in 24% and more of light. Dark tints can be used on the back side and rear windows of SUVs and vans, but front side windows should let in more than 24% of light.

You should probably forego very dark tints though. Due to the state’s new distracted driving law, police are more watchful because dark tints can hide offenses like texting while driving. There are exceptions to dark tinted windows, and some vehicles like ambulances, hearses, limousines, motor homes and passenger buses are allowed to have them.

  • Legislation on Window Tint Reflection on Kennewick

One reason why drivers get a mobile window tinting in Kennewick is to reduce heat and glare and to reflect incoming light. However, the state only allows for a particular window reflection with window tints. So if you want to have tinted windows, bear in mind that the front and back windows of sedans, SUVS, and vans should not be more that 35% reflective.

  • Tint Shops and Car Dealers Against Illegal Tinting

Road safety is everyone’s concern, which is why Washington police also touched base with window tinting shops and auto dealerships regarding mobile window tinting in Kennewick. Car tint installers have been educated about window tinting laws in Kennewick, and auto dealers have been also warned about selling vehicles with illegal tints.

Most car window tint shops in Kennewick understand that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. To that end, these shops will guide you in choosing the proper window tints. But to ensure your own safety, make sure you’re aware of the relevant laws before getting a mobile window tinting in Kennewick.