3 Scams to Avoid When Getting Mobile Window Tinting in Spokane, WA

3 Scams to Avoid When Getting Mobile Window Tinting in Spokane, WA

Washington drivers can personalize their vehicles by getting mobile window tinting in Spokane. Unfortunately, this desire for customization also leaves car owners vulnerable to tricksters and rip-offs.

One way to protect yourself from scammers is to go online, search for “automotive window tinting near me in Washington” and make a list of reliable car tint shops. You should also be aware of the following window tinting scams:

1. Cheap Window Films by Gypsy or Fly-By-Night Tinters

It’s possible for an auto tint shop in Washington to operate in one area for several months to three years even without a physical store or license. These companies usually work out of the back of their truck or car trunk. They also do brisk business because of their cheap installation rates.

Unlike most companies that appear in your online search for “auto window tinting near me in Spokane,” these dubious businesses can afford to drop their prices because they use poor quality window films and don’t pay taxes or insurance.

These companies also offer bogus lifetime warranties for added realism. But once the window tint starts to peel off or turn purple, their poor victim soon discovers that the tint installer has disappeared.

To ensure that you won’t be scammed, you can either use Google to search for shops offering “car tinted windows near me in Spokane” or check the Better Business Bureau. Pick companies that have critical information like a company profile and business address or with customer reviews already in their names.

2. Window Tint Installation That’s Done Outdoors

Professional tint installation requires windows that are immaculately clean. This is why most automotive tinting near me in Spokane is done indoors, in large, clean and air-conditioned tinting bays. Consider it a red flag when a company raves about the convenience of “mobile tinting,” or insists on doing the job at the client’s location. It’s a sign that the installer doesn’t have a legal business location or the means to do the job properly.

3. Car Tint Company That Only Offers Two Film Choices

Run the other way when a car tint company can only offer you a few film choices. In all likelihood, these are the only window films that they can afford. It’s probably also a low-quality one and not the best option for car windows. A reliable company offering mobile window tinting in Spokane will carry four or more film types from several film manufacturers.

There are ways to avoid being scammed. Searching for “automotive tinting near me in Spokane” online is one way of weeding out bogus companies. Researching and learning about the scams to watch out for are other means to ensure that you don’t regret getting mobile window tinting in Spokane.