Factors that Affect the Price of Mobile Window Tint in Yakima, WA

Factors that Affect the Price of Mobile Window Tint in Yakima, WA

A lot of drivers are wary of getting a mobile window tint in Yakima because of the cost. Some tint jobs can start as low as $150 while others can reach as high as $330.

You can search online for “mobile car tinting near me in Yakima” and choose a reliable car tint shop that can give you a reasonable quote. But these shops would have to take into account several factors that affect the price of the installation. Some of these factors are:

  • The Number and Size of Car Windows to be Tinted

You’ll need to search “car tint shops near me in Yakima” on Google and choose the best one before you can even think about the cost of a tint job. One of the first questions car tint installers would ask is how many windows will be tinted.

When getting a mobile window tint in Yakima, you can choose to tint the whole car, comprising the side and rear windows and the strip above the windscreen, or just one or two windows.

The size of the car’s windows is also a prime consideration. A small car with small windows has less surface area and will therefore use less window film. But bigger windows mean more tints and will obviously be more expensive.

  • The Make and Model of the Vehicle

One key question that the winner of your online search for “window tinting near me in Washington” will ask is the kind of car they’ll be working on. Is it a sedan, a wagon, or a commercial vehicle? The car’s make and model will determine the number and size of windows.

Meanwhile, the prices for tinting commercial vehicles may vary as the owner can opt for special and costlier commercial films when they get a mobile window tint in Yakima.

  • The Presence of Existing Window Tint

Ask any shop from your list of “mobile auto window tinting near me in Washington,” and they’ll say that a major factor in determining installation cost is the presence of existing tint.

Cars that have been tinted before require more work. The installer has to remove the window film, and the windows need to be cleaned and prepped thoroughly. This eats up time and resources, leading to a more costly job.

There are several factors that determine the cost of a car window tint job, like the type of car and the size of the windows. However, you can call one of the shops you have shortlisted from your search of “mobile tinting service near me in Yakima, Washington,” and request for a fair and accurate assessment of how much a mobile window tint in Yakima will cost you.