Different Types of Mobile Window Tint in Charleston, West Virginia

Different Types of Mobile Window Tint in Charleston, West Virginia

There are a lot of advantages when you get a mobile window tint in Charleston. It gives your car a customized finish while protecting you from the damage caused by the sun’s unrelenting glare.

There are two key things to consider if you plan on getting tinted windows – working with a professional installer and choosing the right window tint. You can go online and search “automotive window tinting near me in Charleston” for the former. As for the latter, read on to learn more about the different types of car window tints.

Ceramic Car Window Film

The first step in your quest for window films is to find “car tinted windows near me in West Virginia” on Google and look for shops that offer various types of window film. One product that will be on the table is ceramic window films. A relatively new option in mobile window tint in Charleston, it’s made up of an adhesive layer, a thin ceramic layer, and a protective top coating.

Ceramic films are popular because of its effectiveness at blocking heat, UV rays, and glare. It doesn’t fade and allows radio signals to pass through the glass. Unfortunately, this film will cost you a pretty penny. That will no doubt be a prime consideration when you start short-listing the results of your “auto window tinting near me in Charleston” search.

Dyed Car Window Film

The companies listed in “automotive tinting near me in West Virginia” will also offer dyed window film. Compared to other films, this one has a simpler construction. It integrates a layer of dye between the protective top coat and the adhesive layer. It can block 5% to 50% of the sun’s ray. It has a dark, matte look that many drivers find attractive. It also doesn’t block radio waves so it won’t hinder an in-glass antenna. More importantly, it’s affordable.

However, an amateurish installation could result in a bubbled appearance. Dyed film also tends to delaminate, causing the layers to separate.

Metalized Car Window Tint

You can also go metal when you get a mobile window tint in Charleston. This window film is composed of different layers. It has an adhesive base layer, followed by a treated layer that reduces ultraviolet rays.

A metalized layer comes next and this reflects heat and darkens the glass. Lastly, a protective top layer prevents scratches. Metalized window film is very effective at blocking heat and glare and is very durable.

However, the film has several disadvantages. It tends to mess up radio technology, which means it can block cellphone signals and cause monitoring systems to stop working. It’s also quite expensive.

A reliable auto tint shop in Charleston will provide different types of window film. You need to weigh all your options and consider factors like your budget, needs, and preferences. Do this and you’ll definitely end up with the mobile window tint in Charleston that’s perfect for you.