4 Common Types of Window Tint and Their Advantages

4 Common Types of Window Tint and Their Advantages

There are different types of window tint available in the market and choosing the right window tint for your car depends on your need and the weather in your area.

Here are 4 common types of window tint and their benefits:

  • Dyed Window Tinting

This kind of window tinting is perfect for people who have a low budget because it is sold at a very low price. But despite the price, it can still block the UV rays with the help of its multiple layers of dye. Dye is proven to help in absorbing solar heat and preventing it from entering your car. However, this type of window tint does not provide the same level of protection that other window tint does.

Another benefit of dyed window tinting is it can give you more privacy because of its opaque appearance. But you still have to replace it because it fades easily.

  • Metalized Window Tinting

Just like dyed window tinting, metalized window tinting also helps in controlling the heat inside your car by reflecting the sun’s heat. The only difference is metalized window tinting uses tiny metallic particles to block the UV rays instead of dye. Those metallic particles are invisible to the human eyes because they are implanted within the window film.

This type of film provides strength to your window and makes it shatter-resistant. It can be easily recognized because it appears shinier than other tints. It also has a greater scratch-resistance than dyed window tinting.

  • Hybrid Window Tinting

Hybrid window tinting is a combination of dyed layer and metalized layer. It also provides the benefits of the two and reduce their cons. Grey dye and titanium are the most common combination in creating a hybrid window tinting.

This kind of tinting appears neither too reflective nor too dark. Hence, the film is just fairly reflective and bright and still provides privacy and protection against the sun’s heat.

  • Carbon Window Tint Film

This film has the most advantages compared to other types of window tint. It looks very attractive because of its exceptional matte-finish. The 40% of UV radiation, which is responsible for the excessive heat inside the vehicle, is blocked with the help of its carbon content. It does not only keep your vehicle cool, but it also protects your upholstery from fading.

This film can also help you save energy because you won’t need to use the AC often. Carbon film is more durable than dyed film because it does not fade.

Those are the 4 common types of window tint that are available in the market. It is advised that you assess your window tint needs very well before purchasing one.