Compare and Contrast: Automotive Tint vs. Home Window Tint

Compare and Contrast: Automotive Tint vs. Home Window Tint

Window tint for vehicles and window tinting for homes are very much alike but are also very much different. Flat glass tint for your home or buildings and automotive tint that are applied to cars and trucks have the same purpose, that is, to protect you and your interiors from the harmful heat of the sun.

To make things clearer for you, here are the reasons why automotive tint is different from home window tint:

Difference in the Cooling Effect

Automotive tint can absorb the sun’s energy, but flat glass window tinting doesn’t do the same. When the car is in motion, it pulls away from the heat which makes your interior cooler. However, when the car is not in motion, the car will heat up and cause your interior to have a high temperature. And since there are certain rules about car window tinting, there are limits that you need to follow your tint’s darkness and reflectiveness. This means that you can’t purchase car window film that you think is dark enough to protect you from the sun’s heat if it does not follow the rules.

On the other hand, buildings and homes do not have certain laws to follow in window tinting. You can tint your homes and buildings with the darkest tint you want. Flat glass tint blocks the sun’s heat from pouring through your windows and prevents your interior from heating up. But unlike automotive tint, flat glass tint does not require “motion” for it to give you a cooling effect.

Designed for Different Applications

Car glass tinting film in Lake Mary FL can be shrunk using heat so that it can be installed on the car’s curved window surfaces. This means that applying car window tinting on your home’s flat glass can lead to breakage. If you want to apply tint on your home’s windows, then you should look for a shop that offers house glass tinting around Lake Mary FL.

Even though getting your car a custom auto tint around Lake Mary FL and purchasing home window tint for sale in Lake Mary FL have the same benefits, they still have differences because they are manufactured for different applications.

Those are the differences between automotive and home window tinting that you should know. If you want to ensure that you’ll get the best-quality job and good warranty, then you should find professional tinting around Lake Mary FL to do the window tint job for you.