Factory Window Tint vs. Customized Window Tint Near Me

Factory Window Tint vs Customized Window Tint Near Me

Before searching for “tint near me,” you must know the difference between and the advantages and disadvantages of a factory and customized window tint.

There is a difference between factory window tint and customized window tint. Factory window tint is originally installed by the car’s manufacturer, while customized window tint is done in a window tinting shop near you after the car was bought.

Here are the things you need to know about factory window tint and customized window tint:

Pros of Factory Window Tint

Factory tint is also called “privacy glass.” To install factory tint, the windows undergo “deep dipping” that colors the inside of the windows with a dark pigment. The usual light transmission of factory window tint is at 15%–26%. Because of that VLT percentage, the privacy of the passengers and their valuables can be protected, which is the main reason why it is called a privacy glass. If you want this kind of privacy or 20% VLT percentage for your film, you can search on the Internet by typing “20-window tint near Orlando FL.”

Cons of Factory Window Tint

Factory window tint’s primary benefit is the privacy it provides to the passengers and personal belongings placed inside the car. Unlike aftermarket window films, it cannot provide protection from the heat of the sun. It is proven that window films can block 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays from pouring through your car’s windows. If you want to protect your health, you must look for shops that tint car windows around Orlando FL, and have your windows tinted.

Pros of Customized Window Tint

Before searching for window tinting, you must have some ideas about it first. Aside from asking how much does window tinting cost for your car around Orlando FL, you must know its advantages as well.

Customized window tint provides heat protection for you and your passengers and your car’s interior as well. The temperature inside your car will be well-regulated, and you and your passengers will be more comfortable while you’re on the road.

Aside from heat protection, it can also protect you from the UV rays that have harmful effects on your skin’s health. By searching for “tint near me,” you are also doing yourself a favor because window tint can protect you from skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Lastly, window tint can protect you from theft by limiting the view from the outside. If the thieves cannot see what is inside, it is possible that they will not try to steal from your car.

Cons of Customized Window Tint

Customized window tint will have no disadvantages if you follow the laws regarding window tinting. If you follow the certain laws in your state, you can avoid violations or avoid being flagged down by cops.

Aftermarket window tinting has many benefits than factory tint. It is easy to install because there are many shops of car window foil around Orlando FL. You can also search on the Internet by typing “tint near me” or “window tinting in Orlando FL.”