What to Do When Your New Mobile Window Tint Has Bubbles

What to Do When Your New Mobile Window Tint Has Bubbles

Bubbles on your tint right after it has been installed can only come from three things: water, air and soap bubbles, and simply dirt. The next thing you do is to look for a way to remove your new mobile window tint bubbles. Here is how.

Using some home tools, you can remove bubbles on your new window tint:  

  • Prepare your window tint film.  Warm up the window by parking under the sun for a few hours.

Most installers use a hair dryer for warming the window surface.

  • Check if the window is warm enough to touch, and then spray the film with room-temperature water. You may use an ordinary spray bottle to do this. Remember to only moisten the window and not let it wet.
  • With a tiny pin, poke a small hole in each bubble that you see. Just be extra careful not to rip the whole film or scratch the window.
  • Reheat your new mobile window tint using the edge of a laminated card or perhaps use a sturdy straight tool and smooth the bubbles out. To do this, the card should be positioned in a 45-degree angle. Move it out the film toward the nearest edge of the new window.

To avoid the same task, you must know how to prevent them from happening again to your new window tint. Most people see bubbles as blisters that have the tendency to spread across the entire film. However, blisters take time to develop than the normal bubbles you see. It can sometime take up to a month after your new mobile window tint has been installed.

Blisters often occur when the adhesive takes off and often is prompted by the sun’s rays. Thus, if you happen to live in a sunny or tropical zone, just make sure that when you purchase a new window tint, it is of high quality.

After all there are window tints that can withstand high temperature. There are those having a high-temperature adhesive system and sun protection abilities. Look for these types of brands and their corresponding warranties for your new window tint.

So you see, having bubbles on your new mobile window tint is always unwelcome. This you should always avoid. This is why it is essential to keep them clean when installing them. You have to see to it that they are properly intact so no water, air, or dirt can get beneath them.