What You Need To Know About Different Car Tint Laws

What You Need To Know About Different Car Tint Laws

The booming car tinting industry has become one of the concerns of different countries and states. With this, you must first understand the car tint laws before leaving your garage.

You have to acquaint yourselves to the window tint laws by state so that you’ll avoid hassle once you get caught red-handed! You can read the tint laws by state as of 2016 online and compare it with the updates this year.

You can check the car tint laws implemented in New York to have an idea on how to set your car tint services.

An article published in tinting-laws.com presented the regulations concerning car window tint in New York. These car tint laws include the following:

  • Recommended tint darkness for sedans. Windshield tint of this car model must allow 75% of light penetration. You can use nonreflective tint with any darkness up to 6 inches.
  • Allowed darkness of tint for SUV and vans. For the windshield and front side windows of these cars, any darkness of nonreflective tint (6 inches) is permitted as long as it is funneling 70% light in capacity.
  • New York guides on window tint reflection. For sedan vehicles, the front and back side windows must have no metallic or mirrored appearance.

There was no specific profile set on the darkest legal window tint in New York.

Other Vitals in New York Car Tint Regulations

New York is also imposing same crucial rules and regulations relating to the use of car tint, and these are the following:

  • Side mirrors. If the back side windows or rear window is tinted below 70% of visible light transmission, you are required to install dual side mirrors.
  • Banned colors. There’s no specific shade of tint that is banned in New York!
  • Sticker posting. A sticker is allowed if placed in between the film and glass on each tinted window.
  • Exceptions on medical setting. New York is allowing special tint to address the needs of people with medical conditions. You can also scan the tint laws of the other states to broaden your idea on their medical exemptions.

New York has these sets of regulations, from front windshield tint laws to other tint-related specifications; this state has its own considerations!

Try to surf the internet for the window tint percentage chart to have a quick reference.

Different states have their own car tint laws, but no need to find an escape; you just need to familiarize them. After you master all the laws in a particular state, that’s the only time that you’ll decide on the specs of your car’s tint. You must do the research. Otherwise, the police will never allow you to do further road trip.