3 Kinds of Residential Window Tint You Should Try Today

3 Kinds of Residential Window Tint You Should Try Today

Your residential window tint says a lot about your home and your personality. More often than not, your window tint serves as a decoration aside from it being a protective gear for your windows. In this regard, choosing the best one is the only way to go.

There are several kinds of residential window tint homeowners can choose from. Some find it trivial especially for the recently released ones in the market. Moreover, information about these tints is easily accessible through the internet. This information can help them decide and explore other options that are more suitable for their home needs.

Window tints have their unique way of making residential homes more elegant and comfortable depending on the homeowner’s personal choice and special preference.

To walk you through the said options, we list down the three kinds of residential window tint you should try today:

Decorative Film

From the name itself, the decorative film acts as one of the materials to beautify your home. By this, your windows can look like frosted.

As a residential window tint, it provides privacy and protection. It also blocks direct heat and sunlight coming from outside. This goes to show that the decorative film does more than beautifying your home.

Solar Film

Solar film is more recommended as a residential window tint for houses in humid and hot areas. It contains metal and several dyes that make the film darker to further protect windows and home interiors from the direct sunlight coming from outside. This is ideal for residential homes that are in a less shaded place.

The solar film also blocks 99 percent ultraviolet (UV) rays, cuts glare, reduces heat, and balances hot and cold spots in your house.

Security Film

If you compare it with the other two window tints mentioned, the security film is considered to be one of the thickest and strongest window films that provides the utmost safety for your home windows. It is used best to protect your home from intruders and strangers outside. Thus, it provides more privacy and confidentiality for the homeowner.

The security film is also recommended for typhoon-prone areas because it makes the window more secured and durable.

These types of residential window tint can serve your home in the long run. Exploring their advantages is necessary especially if you have your own special preference. Moreover, window tints are not just for decoration but also act as a protective material for your windows.