4 Medical Benefits of Mobile Window Tinting in Vancouver, WA

4 Medical Benefits of Mobile Window Tinting in Vancouver, WA

You probably decided to get mobile window tinting in Vancouver because it can make your car look cool or you wanted the extra privacy. But there’s more to window tints than just superficial.

If you’re still wondering if you should start searching for “mobile car tinting near me in Washington,” consider that a good car window tint can be beneficial for your health. Read on to learn about the medical benefits of window tints.

1. Window Tints Can Protect You Against Skin Cancer

We all know that ultraviolet rays (UV) rays are damaging to our skin. While we usually remember to slather on sunscreen when we go out, we often forget that UV rays can also affect us even inside the car.

Studies have shown that people who spend long hours driving are more exposed to contracting skin cancer on the driver’s side of the body. Fortunately, getting mobile window tinting in Vancouver can greatly reduce the UV rays that stream inside the car

2 . Helps Reduce the Odds of Getting an Autoimmune Disease

Research conducted by the National Institute for Health (NHI) revealed that UV radiation is linked to the development of several autoimmune diseases, especially in women. According to the NHI, high levels of UV exposure could lead to dermatomyositis and exacerbate skin conditions like porphyria, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and vitiligo.

Adding window tints will minimize sun exposure and provide relief. That’s definitely enough reason to scour your browser for “car tint shops near me in Vancouver, Washington.”

3. Car Tints Can Protect the Eyes and Lessen Eye Strain

If you prefer to keep a 20/20 vision, then you should start googling “mobile tint service near me in Washington.” An estimated 15 million people around the world lose their vision and develop cataracts annually.

In 20% of those cases, exposure to the sun played an exacerbating role. Putting tints on your car windows will reduce glare and provide some eye relief. There’s also less eye strain and fatigue even when driving in harsh sunlight.

4. Saves People From Heat Stroke and Dehydration

If you’re still wondering whether you should be getting mobile window tinting near me in Vancouver, consider that window tints greatly cool down the car’s interior. It can reduce the heat inside your vehicle by as much as 60%. This can help prevent the car’s occupants to suffer from heatstroke and dehydration.

What’s more, installing a mobile window tinting in Vancouver means that the air-conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard, thereby saving gas and lessening the impact on the environment.

There’s more to tinted car windows than meets the eye. While it does make a vehicle look good, it also provides some surprising health benefits to the driver. Searching for “window tinting near me in Vancouver prices” would also reveal that some car tints are very affordable. So there’s more reason for you to get mobile window tinting in Vancouver.