Factory Car Window Tints vs. Professional Window Tint Near Me

Factory Car Window Tints vs. Professional Window Tint Near Me

Window tint near me services provide a sleek and stylish look to any vehicle. Car window tints used to be only an aftermarket addition. Today, however, most new vehicles roll out of factories with pre-installed window tints.

Factory-tinted car windows and car windows that are applied with windshield tint film in Celebration FL may look similar. The question though is, do they provide the same benefits?

Some new car owners believe that factory window tints are enough, and they can do without having to deal with window tinting prices near me near Celebration FL. Some, however, believe that they are not the best option.

Of course, factory window tints make new vehicles look great. They also provide some degree of privacy to passengers. They are, however, far from those installed by a window tint near me service in terms of reducing the heat that passes through the windows and UV rays protection.

Read on to find out why factory car window tints are not good enough to replace the cost to tint windows on a car near Celebration FL.

Factory Tints

Factory window tints are often just a pigment applied to the inside of the car glass. These pigments are dark, but that is all there is to it. You will not be able to gain any of the benefits that you would in an aftermarket tint.

Factory tinted car windows are applied through the deep dipping process. This process involves applying dark pigment dyes on car windows.

These dyes come with a 15%–26% visible light transmission percentage (VLT %) and are often installed in the rear windows of new vehicles.

The dark pigment applied simply darken the rear car windows and are not able to block the harmful UV rays of the sun.

While factory tints may be able to provide some degree of protection from UV rays, the main objective of these window tints is simply for the privacy of vehicle passengers. Darkened windows are not able to provide adequate protection for the driver, passengers, and car interiors.

Professional Window Tints

Unlike factory window tints, aftermarket car window tint involves applying a film to the inside of the car glass. While you will have to shell out extra as part of the car tinting prices near me around Celebration FL, you are assured of protection from UV rays.

Tinting films applied on car windows by professional window tint near me services are able to block up to 99% of the UV rays from passing through the car windows. This equates to a 1000 sun protection factor (SPF).

Where to tint car windows near me in Celebration FL is an important decision, so you will be able to gain all the benefits of car window tints.

In conclusion, window tint near me films applied by professional and experienced installers provide more protection from the sun than factory applied pigment dyes.