How To Know Whether Your Car Is Perfectly Tinted Or Not

How To Know Whether Your Car Is Perfectly Tinted Or Not

Car tinting job could be costly depending on the car’s details and requirements. You need to ensure that the materials you are going to use are surely first-rate. Here is the list of the visual indications that will help you tell whether your car was perfectly tinted or not during and after the application process.

Pane And Tint Size Suitability

If you are present during the process of car window tinting application, you can observe how the tint installers are getting the job done. Try to ask them little by little about the principles of measurements. You can also ask for other related topics like car tint options, packages and tint percentage variations.  

Be informed that it is normal for the tint installers to leave the upper edge part of the windows un-tinted, since they cannot pull the window up and down during the process.

Air Lumps, Patch And Scratch-Free

If you this is your first time to get your car tinted, you can read some car tinting related forums online. You will notice that these are the most mentioned imperfections in a car tint job. There are perfectly tinted car windows but very rare.

However, there is what they call ‘Acceptable Imperfections’. These are the inevitable dust substance and micro stains created due to the rubbing of metal and glass against each other. Nonetheless, these window blemishes aren’t very visible.

Car Tint Care

After checking these car tint visual modifiers, it’s time for you to proceed to the next chapter, the car window tint care. After having your car window perfectly tinted, ask and take note of the Do’s and Don’ts regarding the cleaning methods and the estimated availability of the windows. It is best to wait for one more day after the said window’s readiness for utilization. It is better to extend your waiting days that to miss one.

Having your car windows tinted is a good move. Not only you will get the physical privacy you desire, but also the protection you and your car upholstery can acquire against the harmful UV rays of direct sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight may affect your car cover’s quality as well.

And since you have your car tint ensured with warranty and you paid for it, make sure to immediately report any after-process issues you may encounter with your newly tinted car windows. Perfectly-tinted or not, it is best to invest on your car windows.