How to Measure Your Car’s Window for Mobile Car Tinting

How to Measure Your Car’s Window for Mobile Car Tinting

One of the most complicated and subtle in car tinting is measuring the windows. The right measurement is something that you don’t want to miss. If you want a perfectly installed window tint, you have to make sure it fits nicely to the window.  

Window Tinting Films by the Roll

When measuring the window, you should take the entire dimensions on all sides. The measurement should start from top all the way to the bottom and then from left to right. Note that the measurement should only cover the glass area. Do not include the window frame.

Keep in mind that adding 1 inch is crucial as there should be enough rooms for errors during the procedure. Regardless of the shape of your window, measure them as if they were square or rectangle. Even rounded windows are measured in this way too.

Film rolls are available in different sizes. They come in widths of 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”, while pre-cut films can be acquired from 6” to 144” in length. Adding all the measurements from all the windows you have will determine how much window film is needed. For instance, a 48” W x 26” L film roll can be cut in half for two windows with measurements of 20” W x 24” L.

Pre-cut Car Window Tinting Kit

For car tinting it is best to purchase a pre-cut film. Suppliers ship pre-cut films based on the required measurement. The vehicle’s make, model, and VIN number are needed to acquire the right kit.

Never forget to include the VLT requirement according to your tinting law. Window film suppliers have charts to determine the correct tint required by car tinting laws in each state. However, it is still advisable to check the latest tint law in your state as laws change every now and then.

Measuring Window Tint Percentage

There are methods to calculate the percentage of car tints or the visible light transmission (VLT). Window glasses already have a slight tint around 80% VLT. To calculate the VLT of your car tint, multiply the VLT of the film to the VLT of the glass, and multiply their product by 100. For example, 5% tint film multiplied by 80% glass VLT (.05 × .80 × 100) = 4. Therefore, the window has a total of 4% VLT.

Others use a tint meter. It’s better to find out which tint meter that car tinting law enforcers in your area use so you can be accurate with your tint.

Some find this procedure easy, while others don’t. If you want to try car tinting on your own, think about if it’s something that you can do or if it’s better to get a professional installer.