How Your Mobile Window Tint Reveals the Kind of Person You Are

How Your Mobile Window Tint Reveals the Kind of Person You Are

It’s amazing to know that mobile window tint does not just protect you and your car interior from the sun. It also reveals your style and personality as the car owner. Like other hobbyists, car fanatics extend their personalities to their car through simple upgrades. The color, the wheels, and mostly the window tints make your car extremely distinctive from the rest.

Here are four different types of window tints according to your style:

  • Black chrome

Black chrome tint suits you if you like getting the job done. The mirror finish adds a fascinating personality to your car. Black chrome is best for blocking a high level of UV, rejects heat, and reduces glare perfectly.

  • Crystalline

Sophistication and elegance is what crystalline tints promise you. If you are one of the cosmopolitan people, the clear tint of this variation makes your car look brand-new. Another good feature of crystalline films is they don’t interfere with signals. Unlike metallized films, you have access to any electronic device, like your mobile phone, without any problem. And just like the black chrome, it also protects you from the heat of the sun.

  • Color stable

This tint is clear inside but dark on the outside. Color stable tints have a long-lasting effect. If your personality prioritizes longevity, color stable will never fail you. It’s the most suitable for those who prefer to be with their cars for a long time.

This mobile window tint will never fade even after a long period of time and how strong the elements wear it down. It’s dark factory tint will stay for many years, while it’s clarity never changes.

Although it is sophisticatedly clear, it is still perfect for protecting your vision from glare and lights from other vehicles at night.

  • Security tint

This tint provides high level of security and protection. This is the best option for those people who value their privacy. This special mobile window tint improves the glass by becoming shatter proof as it holds the pieces together once the glass is broken. And since the main purpose of tints is to protect you from the sun’s glare, it does its job pretty well.

Window tinting has gone a long way since it was first introduced to car owners. Back then, its only purpose was to reduce the heat and temperature being trapped inside the car. Now, technology has done its part in developing tint films. Eventually, a mobile window tint is not just for protection; it’s also a good way to show who you are.